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How to choose a biomass burner?

8月 05, 21

Under the severe environmental protection situation in China, many enterprises have abandoned the original extensive thermal energy utilization and switched to energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy sources. For example: natural gas, liquefied gas, methanol, biomass fuel, etc. As a renewable new energy fuel, biomass fuel is not only environmentally friendly, but also the combustion cost is much lower than that of natural gas and other energy sources. It’s a biomass burner. However, as a new type of energy product, biomass burner, many business owners do not know how to choose, learn the following tricks, may be able to point you in the direction:


1. Determine the type of biomass burner according to the fuel type:
Biomass fuels are very rich, such as lumber mill scraps, garden fruit trees and other pruning branches and branches, building templates, nut shells (coconut shells, palm shells, etc.), mushroom residues, medicinal residues, straws, etc.

However, the mainstream biomass fuels are mainly divided into:
1) Pellet fuels such as biomass pellets, and biomass pellet burner models can be selected for this type of fuel
2) Biomass briquette, wood chips and other block fuels, biomass wood chip burners can be used for such fuels
3) Powdered fuels such as sawdust, rice husks, etc., biomass wood chip burners can be used for such fuels
4) Fine powder fuels such as sanding powder, fine wood powder, etc., biomass wood powder burner can be used for this type of fuel


2. Select the model of biomass burner according to the heat used by the company’s energy-consuming equipment

At present, there are two main principles for the classification of biomass burner models on the market:

1) According to the tonnage of the boiler, for example: HQ-LK1.0 HQ-LK2.0 corresponds to 1 ton and 2 ton boilers respectively
2) According to the calorific value: generally in units of 600,000 kcal, such as HQ-LK60 and HQ-LK120, which correspond to 1-ton and 2-ton boilers respectively. The following is represented in a table:

model calorific value Corresponding boiler tonnage Remark
HQ-LK1.0 60万kcal/h 1t Aluminum melting furnace, drying furnace, drying tower, etc. can be selected according to the calorific value
HQ-LK2.0 120万kcal/h 2t


3. The choice of the cooling method of the host
The mainstream in the market is divided into two types: water cooling and air cooling. The cooling method of water cooling is better than air cooling, so it is recommended to choose the biomass burner equipment that mainly chooses the water cooling method. ) can also be used for air cooling.