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How to choose a biomass burner manufacturer?

8月 05, 21

Biomass burners have become a kind of new energy equipment, and have been chosen or prepared to be chosen by more and more business owners, so there are more and more manufacturers of this type of equipment. Therefore, there are different manufacturers on the market, which also causes some troubles for many buyers. How to choose a high-quality manufacturer, I will provide buyers with some experience below:

  •  Identify whether it is the manufacturer:
    Now is the Internet age, most businesses publish information online and have their own company’s official website, but the Internet is virtual after all, and many companies have no production capacity and are only intermediate sellers. After all, these sellers want to earn intermediate profits, and the products they represent may not be from a single manufacturer, and the price, quality and after-sales service of the products are not guaranteed, so try to choose the manufacturer as much as possible, which is more secure.
  • Comprehensively verify the scale and actual production years of the manufacturer
    In recent years, there have been more and more manufacturers of biomass burners, but the technical levels are uneven, so the quality of the equipment produced and the technical service capabilities are also uneven. The comprehensive strength of a manufacturer can be reflected from the scale of the manufacturer. The ability of a company to have a certain scale, especially an equipment manufacturer, must be related to the company’s technical strength, so the product quality of large companies is guaranteed.In addition, some companies are not small in scale, but they are not necessarily specializing in the production of this type of equipment. The so-called interlaced is like a mountain. Therefore, it is necessary to know the number of years that the production company has produced this type of equipment. The practical experience of a large number of equipment is not good for this type of equipment.
  • On-site inspection of manufacturers
    The Internet is virtual, and many companies now have packaging. Therefore, if you want to truly understand a company, you still need to conduct an on-the-spot investigation. After all, it is a large piece of machinery and equipment, and you need to buy it to create value, so it is necessary to inspect the manufacturer. When inspecting, pay attention to observe the scale of the company’s workshop, whether the production management is standardized, and whether the production process is rigorous. A company with rigorous production technology, strict management, and orderly company can produce products that are not wrong and can be purchased with confidence.
  • On-site inspection of the manufacturer’s project cases, at least the actual site that has been used for more than one year
    The investigation of actual cases is also necessary. The evaluation of end-use customers is the most authentic evaluation, and can best reflect the quality and reputation of a company’s products.
  • Ask if VAT invoices can be issued and whether there are professional technical services and after-sales services

Companies that can issue VAT invoices are all powerful companies, and it is also necessary to check whether the company insists on issuing invoices, because regular companies insist on selling with tickets.


Technical service strength is also a standard for considering the strength of the company, which is the most powerful manifestation of the company’s comprehensive strength. Perfect technical service and after-sales service are your ultimate guarantee.

The above points are some of the more important aspects of a comprehensive evaluation of a company, and I hope to be helpful to the majority of buyers.