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Biomass Pellet Burner

Heat efficiency:≥85%

Fuel type: wood pellet, palm shell, peanut shell pellet, rice husk pellet, waste bacterium rod, nutshell, etc

Particle diameter:6-10mm, Moisture:<15%. The capacity is from 300,000kcal/h to 12,000,000kcal/hr. Biomass pellet burner can save 30%~40% less than natural gas. Biomass pellet burner can save 60% less than fuel oil, electricity.

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Product Description:

Feedstock Of Pellet Burner

Fuel type:wood pellet, peanut shell pellet, rice husk pellet, waste bacterium rod, nutshell…

Particle diameter:φ6-10mm

Nut shell size:<20mm

Moisture content:<15%

Application of Pellet Burner:Used for Steam boiler, Thermal oil furnace, Rotary dryer, Spray drying line, Coal-fired boiler, Aluminum melting furnace, Incinerator, Forging heating

Biomass Pellet Burner Features

Biomass Pellet Burner Technical Parameters

Pellet Burner Technical Parameters
model Rated thermal power (104kcal) Rated voltage V Input power KW Fuel consumption Kg/h Matching boiler T Dimensions L*W*H Outer diameter of burner Φmm The height of the center of the crater mm
HQ-LK1.0 60 380 3 150 1 1950*1350*2200 500 996
HQ-LK2.0 120 380 7 300 2 2500*1710*2800 600 1290
HQ-LK4.0 240 380 9.5 600 4 2800*1940*3050 700 1455
HQ-LK6.0 360 380 11 900 6 3000*2180*3700 800 1650
HQ-LK8.0 480 380 18.5 1200 8 3100*2440*3800 950 1685
HQ-LK10.0 600 380 18.5 1500 10 3250*2700*3900 1000 1850
1. The fuel consumption is obtained by the calorific value of 4200kcal/Kg biomass wood pellets
2. The optional parameters provided above are for reference only, and must be configured according to different actual situations.
3. The above dimensions are standard machine dimensions, which can be customized according to the special requirements of customers

Economic Analysis of Biomass Pellet Burner

project calorie needs continuity/h unit price RMB 10,000/month (30 days) RMB 10,000/year (10 months)
natural gas 6 million kcal/h 24 3.85 yuan/m3 195.7 1957
diesel fuel 6 million kcal/h 24 7.5 yuan/kg 324 3240
heavy oil 6 million kcal/h 24 5.5 yuan/kg 250.27 2502.7
coal 6 million kcal/h 24 0.7 yuan/kg 60.48 604.8
biomass pellets 6 million kcal/h 24 0.8 yuan/kg 86.4 864
Remarks: The above parameters are calculated based on the 10-ton boiler, and the specific raw material price is subject to the local actual price. The data in the figure can be obtained, biomass fuel saves more than 50% than natural gas, and has environmental protection advantages over coal.

Video Display of Biomass Pellet Burner

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